Speedpaint Information

Since 2017, Jack Kaiser has been offering 2-hour speedpaintings, with the entire painting process on Twitch and Picarto as the client watches. Since then, Jack has completed over a thousand of these paintings for clients all over the world, and is proud to continue to offer affordable professional-level fantasy art to as many people as possible. If you are interested in ordering, please see the full Terms of Service on this page.

Speedpaint Terms of Service

Ordering Process and Payment

Speedpaintings are USD $60 each. Payment is through PayPal invoices sent after the painting is confirmed by the client to be finished and the stream is over.

Please contact me here to inquire about a reservation. I will reply once I have you on the waitlist and let you know what your number in line is. Scheduling is on a first-come/first-choice basis; when we reach your turn in the line, I’ll send you a list of available dates and times to choose from and work with you to accommodate schedules, timezones, and so on.

What I will require from you for an order and what to expect:

  • Your Twitch/Picarto username;
  • Your presence for the two hour time slot (if something comes up, please let me know ASAP so we can accommodate);
  • A description of what you would like painted. Please include a basic summary (e.g. “my character standing in a hero pose”) before getting into the details. I do not require visual references, but they certainly help; please include these as email attachments and not in the body of the email.

Once the painting is done, you’re happy with it, and payment is completed, I will send the finished files. These are painted at 3500x4500px and I will normally send a 1/2 size .png (1750x2250px) version. If you would like the full size image or a .tiff version for printing, just ask!

Subject Matter

I reserve the right to refuse any commission on subject matter or client behavior grounds at my sole discretion.

I am generally willing to attempt any subject matter, and I will work with you if I think there may be some issues with your description. As a general rule of thumb, I do not promise a given result, only my best effort within the time limit. As such, the more complex the concept, the more rough it will tend to be due to dividing the available time further. That said, I’ve been surprised by how quickly some pieces come together, and will do my best to communicate any concerns before the painting and during the paint process.

Character and monster art are my forte, and I am willing to paint erotic or sexually explicit content (obviously, this will be done on Picarto, not Twitch.) I am willing to paint furry characters, though I will not paint furry erotica, or generally any erotic material that is lacking an adult human face out of personal preferences.

Rights and Reservations

The prices described here are for personal commissions and as such, I, the artist, retain all copyright to the image. Feel free to make icons or a personal print, but you may not use them for your own profit without written agreement. This includes selling prints and merchandise with the artwork. You may not remove my signature or watermark from the image under any circumstances while I own the copyright.

If you wish to purchase the rights of the piece, please contact me for pricing.

I reserve all rights to the artwork, including the right to display or distribute the work; if you wish it to remain undisplayed for a given amount of time, such as for a gift piece, just let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate you!

I reserve the right to display or refuse to display any piece I have painted, on any of my galleries, for any reason, except as noted above and with regard to sold copyright.

Speedpaint Samples

Below are some highlights of previous speedpaints. View the full portfolio of speedpaints here.