About Jack Kaiser

Jack Kaiser is a digital illustrator, painter, and writer in Portland, Oregon. He has experience in a variety of projects and has contributed art to multiple award-winning tabletop publications, including Shadow of the Demon Lord, The Lazy DM’s Companion, Godless, PunkApocalyptic, and Shadow of the Weird Wizard and more.

He has also worked in independent film, video games, and novel cover illustration. His work specializes in dark horror, vibrant fantasy, and other tones, often with an element of humor. In his own time he devours books on history and sexuality, and is entirely too obsessed with his growing plant collection.

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Speedpainting Commissions are available upon email request and are normally streamed Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at noon PST. Please make inquiries for work projects via the contact form below.

Do not email about anything regarding NFTs. I expressly condemn and refuse the practice of NFTs and will not respond to inquiries about them.